Feature Detection is Real, and it just Found Flesh...

What’s All the Fuss About Features? Features are interesting aspects or attributes of a thing. When we read a feature story, it’s what the news room feels will be the most interesting, compelling story that draws in viewers. Similarly, when

Facebook Might be Spying on Us, but it Makes for P...

Graphs, Graph theory, Euler, and Dijkstra As tasks become more defined, the structures of data used to define them increase in complexity. Even the smallest of projects can be broken down into groups of smaller tasks, that represent even smaller

Calculating the Size of Objects in Photos with Com...

Table of Contents Overview Setup Windows Linux OSX OpenCV Basics Getting Started Takeaways Overview You might have wondered how it is that your favorite social networking application can recognize you and your friends’ faces when you tag them in a

Exploring Baseball Data to Predict Run Totals

Table of Contents Overview Support Vector Machines (SVM) The Data Setup and Installation Exploring and Modeling the Data Takeaways Overview The object of this tutorial is to give you an idea of what a process might look like when a

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