Using the Camera in React Native

In the last few articles, we have been working with React Native and have learned how to use some of React Native’s built in component. Most recently, we learned how to navigate between different screens using React Navigation. One thing

Exploring React Native – Part 3

Previously, in “Exploring React Native (Continued Part 2)”, we continued to work on our simple app. The code for the app was long and was all located in one file after the article, “Exploring React Native (Continued Part 1)”. Being

Exploring React Native – Part 2

Previously, in “Exploring React Native (Continued Part 1), we continued to work on our simple app. The app initially consisted of an Image component, Text components, state with data, a couple of TouchableOpacity buttons and styling. The app was to

Exploring React Native – Part 1.1

In the last article, titled “Exploring React Native”, we used a few components to create a simple app. The app consisted of an Image component, a couple Text components, data that changed with user interaction, and a couple of buttons

Exploring React Native

In the previous article, titled “Getting Started with React Native”, we briefly went over what React Native is. We went through the installation process for the Expo CLI and the React Native CLI. The last thing we did was create

Getting Started With React Native

React Native In this article you will learn how to set up your computer to begin developing apps using React Native. Before we begin, what is React Native? As stated on the official React Native website,, “React Native lets

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