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Cascade modernizes FinTech via prepaid and debit card issuance, enabling client products or services to swift market entry and success.


About Project

Cascade is a cutting-edge, all-inclusive, and responsive Card Issuing Processor and Program Manager of prepaid and debit cards. It assists in prepaid and debit card transactions, which other FinTech companies can use to launch their products and services rapidly. No matter how diverse or compact your needs are, it offers a wide range of services and products that you need to excel.

Project Idea and Goal

The project idea was simplistic yet fascinating, as it was an all-inclusive multi-tenant system. One app for multiple vendors had the capability of connecting payment services across diverse platforms. It was cost-efficient, supporting direct deposits, and enabled global transactions.
The goals of the project were to develop a robust app that could handle international payments and clientele. It should support direct deposits, debit card issuance, discounts, and promos with a budget-friendly price. On-shore and offshore clients must be able to capitalize on the structure without much trouble. Moreover, it must perform as a program manager for any card program.

Development Timeline

The development timeline was precisely eighteen months, but it took less as it had already begun with another vendor in 2021. The specific timeframe at our end was from May 2022 to July 2023.

Key Challenges

Fintech and payment solutions present a list of risks and challenges that call for special consideration and assessment to manage them. In this project, some of the main trials not only consist of ones relevant to the app but also deal with legal regulations.

Additional Costs

The costs to set up an entire card issuance firm were quite more than just an app, including a call center.

Cross-border Barriers

Managing in-app international payments was a cross-border activity with different regions and laws.

Data Security Concerns

Data security was a major aspect, as the app had sensitive client data sets and breach risks.

Reliable Onboarding

Managing programs for other vendors required solid infrastructure besides remarkable uptime.

Payment Gateways

Integrating and handling the payment gateways was significantly vital for a global debit card.

Legal Compliance

Following the banking and fintech regulations and standard compliance was a demanding effort.

Solution Delivered

The cross-platform app is a unification of technologies that aims to achieve each goal set in the beginning. It holds immense value as being not only a fully functional app, but a synergy that energizes multiple tenants simultaneously. The features include each and every aspect of a card issuance processor and program manager while supporting debit cards and direct deposits. Both the iOS app and Android app offer various discounts, promos, and custom packages. The final result was robust, all-inclusive, and supportive of cross-border payments, let alone cost-effective.

Best Features

Fintech software for prepaid and debit card issuance no longer requires a hefty investment in IT infrastructure. Just ask Cascade for resource sharing.

Prepaid and Debit Cards

Provides access to different accounts like precious metals or custodial accounts, including white label, profit-based, and custom.

Muti-Tenant Support

Cascade manages an on-site Customer Happiness call center to manage clients of partners as the best program manager.

Direct Deposits

Offers custom, profit based, and payroll cards where you can make direct deposits for employees’ pay or grow your savings.

Discounts & Promos

The app offers a list of discounts, promotions, and packages that save users and vendors money to reduce expenses.

Deposit Segregation

There are different categories of deposits that the app segregates to offer its users while serving the card’s purpose.


The multi-tenant system developed by Unique Software Development energizes resource sharing for card issuance and vendor management. It assists diverse businesses in reaching beyond their limitations to serve clients and empower them with the best debit card, Cascade. The solution is a cost-effective alternative to banking and cash transactions, offering numerous discounts and promos. If you are seeking a modern card issuance or program manager service, just ask Cascade.