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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

For our website to work properly, we might place text files containing small amounts of information downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

Our Cookie Policy

USD uses cookies and similar technologies to serve our websites and assist in data collection. Cookies are small text files that websites use to remember details about users, like their geolocation. They are saved on a user’s computer. We can improve the website by estimating traffic volume and usage patterns, website customizations based on user interests and searches, increasing site speed, etc.


You can instruct your browser to alert you before accepting a cookie. You can disable cookies in your browser settings. However, some of our website’s features might not function properly.

Why Do We Use Cookies and Other Similar Technologies?

Cookies perform a wide range of tasks, including making it easier to navigate between pages, remembering your preferences, and enhancing the user experience. Also, they can support efforts to make online adverts more pertinent to you and your interests. Additionally, cookies can assist us in tracking how users interact with our websites and online content on social media.

What Particular Cookies Does This Website Use?

On our website, we utilize the following types of cookies:
  • Performance and Functionality Cookies: To better serve users, performance cookies are used to comprehend and evaluate the website’s important performance indices. Functionality cookies improve our website’s functionality. They assist us in determining the most popular sites and the frequency of website usage.
  • Analytics and Customization Cookies: These cookies gather data that we use to analyze the efficacy of our marketing initiatives or better tailor our website and application to your needs and interests.
  • Advertising cookies: These are used to tailor advertisements to your interests and preferences. They also ensure that ads are properly presented, prevent the same ad from repeatedly showing, and occasionally choose advertisements based on your preferences.