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Solution Design And Solution Engineering

Build scalable and robust solutions that seamlessly fit into your business criteria with our solution design experts.

Software Development

Our Solution Engineering Process

project plan & SOW
estimation evaluation

user journey & core
system workflow

page & wizard

architecture, API & SDK
integration planning

cloud resources &
licensing analysis

module workflows &

product & technical
requirement definition

architecture, API & SDK
integration planning

product evaluation & scope of work (SOW) definition

We engage and collaborate with our customers to evaluate the product and gain insight into all the requirements before starting the project.


  • initial system workflow & page by page & module by module breakdown of your project 
  • estimated resource hours per product team member type
  • estimated project & release timeline with risk & milestone call-outs
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definition scrum, user journey & design prototype

We design prototypes and test ideas, from conceptualization to handoff, with the help of journey mapping tools. It helps us understand user goals related to the product and define the supporting design and technical needs.


  • user personas, system workflows, page trees & top level documentation 
  • stylesheets, element guides, wireframes & top level prototype
  • architecture & technical plan with changes discovered during the definition scrum

product requirements, module workflows & technical specifications

We analyze your product requirements and create detailed specifications to ensure your product meets your customer’s needs. We can also help you design module workflows that optimize the user experience. We ensure that the final product you obtain is intuitive and easy to use.


  • page/view, section and field logic definition
  • validators, toastrs, alerts & business logic workflows
  • your sign-off on each requirement definition
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enhancement, maintenance & system support

Our team of experts provides you with the support you need to keep your systems operating smoothly. We help you manage user feedback, enhancement requests and maintain your systems, including software updates, security patches, and system backups.


  • daily security, intrusion & scalability scans
  • 24/7 customer support with chat/phone/email capabilities
  • dedicated & semi-dedicated technical & product support modalities

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