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IoT and hardware solutions are transforming the digital world in innovative ways while helping businesses to realize breakthrough benefits. However, unlocking true value from any IoT technology requires more than frivolous investments. This is where USD’s IoT & Hardware Services proves worthy. From connected appliances to wearables, sensors & industrial devices, we’ll guide you through the steps of combining data collection & custom ROS with machine learning to deliver on your IoT and hardware needs.

Software Development

Our Iot Hardware Development Process

Research &

Our first step in our IoT hardware development process is to understand the requirements of our clients. For this purpose, we start every project with a meeting and gain insights to create a better product.


By performing rapid prototyping and enabling product development with qualitative measurements, our IoT development professionals make sure that we adhere to the fundamental technical requirements.

PCB Design

We use PCB design verifications to check progress of our work. It will involve assessing the materials that fit the budget while adhering to the guidelines for effective design implementation.


At this stage, our experts implement the important performance metrics of the product and every other essential component to transform the design into the following iteration.

Our IoT & Hardware Technologies








3D Printing

3D printing

Vending machine






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How Businesses Benefit from Our IoT Hardware and Software Solutions in Dallas

Whether you are a novice or a Fortune 500 company, we have services to cater to your unique enterprise needs. Here are some of the high-value business benefits you can realize by partnering with us:

  • Cost Reduction -Leveraging valuable data insights from our IoT services, one can proactively make informed decisions in real-time. With this right decision-making, one can potentially fend off the operational glitches, creating opportunities for reduced operational costs and increased efficiency.
  • Revenue Growth – With a wide range of IoT & hardware technologies present at our disposal, our clients have the absolute freedom to choose the solution that is on par with their business objectives, leading to a potential revenue boost. If, in case, our multifarious offerings don’t suit your business requirements, worry not, we have the expertise to tailor a customized solution that meets all your mission-critical needs, ultimately helping you realize huge ROI.
  • Security and Safety – Our IoT and hardware services empower businesses to remotely monitor and control critical assets, determine trends and patterns, and report abnormalities. This ensures a safe and secure working environment.
  • Quality Control – Our IoT experts will help you glean and assess historical process data from sensors or edge devices and take appropriate corrective actions in real-time. This aspect helps organizations in managing and controlling product quality.

How Our dallas iot developers can Help your Business to Grow?

With our industry leading expertise and plug-and-play set of IoT & hardware solutions, you can create and maintain intelligent products and digitally-enabled services. We pool in top IoT engineering and design talent to deliver value for our clients. USD is helping the companies with…

  • Approach – We leverage a human-centric approach that encompasses cross-discipline collaboration, engineering and security capabilities, and the latest technologies to help your business drive and deliver value.
  • Expertise  – USD’s IoT and hardware experts span the spectrum across turnkey product design and development solutions. Our team engages with you to expand your capabilities across the entire product lifecycle – from concept to design, from development to delivery, and from product management to pilot production.
  • Experience  – We have a proven track record of delivering iconic, industry-transforming products. Our capabilities and methodologies have proven to be resilient and flexible during these unprecedented times.
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