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Graph Data Structure Demystified

We use Google search, google maps, and social networks regularly nowadays. One of the things they all have in common is the fact they use a remarkable data structure – graphs under the hood to organize and manipulate data. You may have seen this data structure in college but don’t remember much about it. Or maybe it is a scary

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Umbraco 8: Authentication & Authorization

User Handling, & Security In the last installment, we learned about the different kinds of controllers that Umbraco provides us. Now we will delve into User and Member management, and how to code authentication & authorization into your Umbraco website. Security Umbraco has two distinct user types. User security for the back office and member security for the front end.

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Using the Camera in React Native

In the last few articles, we have been working with React Native and have learned how to use some of React Native’s built in component. Most recently, we learned how to navigate between different screens using React Navigation. One thing we haven’t covered yet, is getting access to the camera and camera roll in a React Native app. Now a

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Feature Detection is Real, and it just Found Flesh – Eating Butterflies

What’s All the Fuss About Features? Features are interesting aspects or attributes of a thing. When we read a feature story, it’s what the news room feels will be the most interesting, compelling story that draws in viewers. Similarly, when we look at a picture, or a Youtube thumbnail, various aspects of that photo or video tend to draw us

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Facebook Might be Spying on Us, but it Makes for Pretty Graphs

Graphs, Graph theory, Euler, and Dijkstra As tasks become more defined, the structures of data used to define them increase in complexity. Even the smallest of projects can be broken down into groups of smaller tasks, that represent even smaller sub-tasks. Graphs are a data structure that helps us deal with large amounts of complex interactions, in a static, logical

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Exploring React Native – Part 3

Previously, in “Exploring React Native (Continued Part 2)”, we continued to work on our simple app. The code for the app was long and was all located in one file after the article, “Exploring React Native (Continued Part 1)”. Being that React Native uses native components as building blocks, we decided to break down each part of the app into

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Exploring React Native – Part 2

Previously, in “Exploring React Native (Continued Part 1), we continued to work on our simple app. The app initially consisted of an Image component, Text components, state with data, a couple of TouchableOpacity buttons and styling. The app was to keep track of the number of raccoons the user saw but we wanted to add to it. So, we add

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Exploring React Native – Part 1.1

In the last article, titled “Exploring React Native”, we used a few components to create a simple app. The app consisted of an Image component, a couple Text components, data that changed with user interaction, and a couple of buttons created with the Button component and TouchableOpacity component.  We styled each component and at the end, had a counter app.

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Calculating the Size of Objects in Photos with Computer Vision

Table of Contents Overview Setup Windows Linux OSX OpenCV Basics Getting Started Takeaways Overview You might have wondered how it is that your favorite social networking application can recognize you and your friends’ faces when you tag them in a photo. Maybe like Harry Potter, a mysterious letter arrived at your doorstep on your birthday; only this letter wasn’t an

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