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Tree Data Structure Simplified – Part 1

Whether we know it or not, trees are everywhere: our computer file systems, HTML DOM, XML/Markup parsers, PDF format, computer chess games, compilers, and others heavily rely on the tree data structure. More practical examples are company hierarchies, family trees, or comments section of any posts. Trees are found to be tricky when implementing in applications and during the coding

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Tree Data Structure Simplified – Part 2

Outline Binary search trees BST Implementation Binary Heaps Trie Binary Search Tree A binary search tree is a binary tree with a unique feature – all nodes to the left of the current node must be smaller than the current node and all nodes to the right must be larger. This rule must be valid for all of the nodes in the tree, not just for the root

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Hash Tables Simplified

Hash table is a data structure designed for quick look ups and insertions. On average, its complexity is O(1) or constant time. The main component of a hash table is its hash function. The better the hash function, the more accurate and faster the hash table is. High level process of implementing a hash table is as follows: data is

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Strapi.js – A new way to build Node.js APIs

Strapi.js is the most advanced Node.js Framework and Headless CMS out there. Even though it is not as popular as Express.js, it has the power to save weeks of development time for teams working on Node.js applications. With built-in admin panel and Koa.js under the hood, strapi can help you build your next awesome product. Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of JavaScript

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Practical guide to build Serverless applications with Netlify and React.js

Serverless technology is taking over the back-end development world. Some businesses are already dumping microservices infrastructure and switching to serverless. However, the learning curve for serverless is pretty steep and it comes with great complexity. Netlify is trying to solve that problem by providing create & drop functions. In this article, we learn about the main concepts of serverless technology

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Intro to Processing: Creating Colorful Brush Strokes

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to create art and games with programming, you might have heard of Processing. Processing is a kind of coding sketchbook, used by programmers and artists alike. By using basic programming concepts, you can create beautiful visuals, games, and animations. It also can be used with different languages — you can use their own Java-based

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Exploring React Native

In the previous article, titled “Getting Started with React Native”, we briefly went over what React Native is. We went through the installation process for the Expo CLI and the React Native CLI. The last thing we did was create an Expo and React Native project and made changes to the code, then run the projects. But at the end

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Getting Started With React Native

React Native In this article you will learn how to set up your computer to begin developing apps using React Native. Before we begin, what is React Native? As stated on the official React Native website,, “React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile

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React React

What are React Hooks and why you should care about them – Part 2

Required version of React: 16.8+ What are React Hooks and why you should care about them – Part 1 Outline Context Hook Custom Hooks Important Rules with Hooks Sample application In the first part of the blog, we discussed the main concepts of React Hooks and the reasons for using them. We compared the traditional ways of creating components and

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