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InMoov Leap Motion Control

INMOOV LEAP MOTION CONTROL To have a little more fun with our InMoov Robot we started to investigate immersion control via Leap Motion.  From a hardware perspective, the Leap Motion Controller is actually pretty darn simple. The heart of the device consists of two cameras and three infrared LEDs. These track infrared light with a wavelength of ~850 nanometers, which is

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Brain Wave Monitor

BRAIN WAVE MONITOR To get ready to make your own Portable Brain Wave Monitor all you need is about 40 bucks and a bit a time and ingenuity.  Take a look at our work and see if you can’t make one of your own! Materials: 1 MindFlex – $25.00: eBay is one of the best places to find! 1 Arduino

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FarmBot 1.0

FARMBOT 1.0 FarmBot Genesis is the first FarmBot to be designed, prototyped, and manufactured. Genesis is designed to be a flexible FarmBot foundation for experimentation, prototyping, and hacking. The driving factors behind the design are simplicity, manufacturability, scalability, and hackability.   Genesis is a small scale FarmBot primarily constructed from V-Slot aluminum extrusions and aluminum plates and brackets. Genesis is

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How a 3D Printer Works

HOW A 3D PRINTER WORKS PRINT BED The print bed is the surface that your objects are printed on to. Typically it will consist of a sheet of glass, a heating element, and some kind of surface on top to help the plastic stick.   Most print beds are heated in order to prevent the object from warping while it

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3D Printed Nintendo NES

3D PRINTED NINTENDO NES Sorry Nintendo, our 3D printed mini-NES is way better than yours. It was inevitable… I have a Raspberry Pi, I have a 3D printer, I’m a huge nerd… At some point I was going to print a case for it in the shape of the old Nintendo Entertainment System. In the end, this project turned into more

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