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Ghirardelli, a renowned name in the world of cocoa products, partnered with Unique Software Development to innovate its gifting experience. With a rich history dating back to the Gold Rush era, Ghirardelli has been synonymous with quality and excellence in confections.

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Project Idea and Goal

Ghirardelli sought to modernize its chocolate gifting process by introducing a fun and interactive customization feature. The idea was to offer customers a unique way to personalize their chocolate gifts, paying homage to Ghirardelli’s heritage of craftsmanship and innovation. It was to ensure the successful integration of customization features into Ghirardelli’s online platform.

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Key Pain Points

Although the legacy system was performing well, modernization involved many challenges, including data loads, scalability, and access. The project was a marvelous unification of the legacy system, cutting-edge technologies, and modern features.


It included integrating a customization feature seamlessly into Ghirardelli’s existing online platform while preserving the brand’s identity and legacy.


Ensuring a user-friendly experience and maintaining data security were
paramount concerns for stakeholders.


The UX design and wireframe sought to deliver an amusing user experience worth sharing with friends and family or their social circles.

Online Payment Options

As a merchandising ecommerce store, the digital asset was supposed to manage and assist in online payments.

Discount Coupons

The platform needed to support various discount coupons and promotion codes for invoicing and payment collection.

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Solution Delivered

Unique Software Development modernizes the legacy system with a cutting-edge customization feature that revolutionizes the chocolate gifting experience for Ghirardelli’s clients. The innovative feature allows clients to personalize their chocolate gifts with custom messages, designs, and packaging options, enhancing the amazement. It not only meets the primary goals but also adds client engagement while also attracting new clients to the company’s online store.

Tech Stack


Ghirardelli’s collaboration with Unique Software Development marked a significant milestone in its journey toward modernization and innovation. The introduction of the customization feature transforms the chocolate gifting experience, cementing Ghirardelli’s position as a leader in the confectionery industry. The legacy system upgrade and modernization allow Unique Software Development to mark
its expertise in the domain.