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Trustworthy Rent to Own (RTO) services across the US, with a high-end custom solution crafted by Unique Software Development.


Heartland Capital is a prestigious and reputable name in the RTO industry, offering nationwide programs to facilitate asset ownership. It caters to the needs of a large clientele ranging from portable buildings and gazebos to tractors and trailers.

It not only offers low and easy monthly payments but also provides early payoff options, being among the largest US contract managers.

Project Idea and Goal

Clients needed to access agents and fill out necessary documentation for acquiring assets on rental/ownership programs. The manual processes of filing requests and signing approvals took way more time, causing work delays and vendor selection issues.

Heartland Capital Investments felt the need to address these inefficiencies with innovation and a user-centric high-tech solution. Moreover, investment partners were seeking newer ways to go beyond the traditional agent system and scale up. Finally, the goal was to support request forms and approvals on a single platform solution, with backups and swift workflows.

Key Challenges

There were numerous inaccuracies in the manual procedures and document flow, which needed to be addressed. However, the significant challenges in this project were as follows:

Work Delays

It was taking a tremendous amount of time to approve even the minimum of RTOs like lawnmowers and sheds.

Manual Workflows

As paper forms were previously used, data authentication and validation were embedded to aid clients in requests.

Backup and Security

As the system holds crucial identification information, cybersecurity, and backups were crucial concerns.

Isolation in Vendors

Disconnected agents were handling clients at their convenience, losing valuable business opportunities.


Digitalizing manual workflows was simple, except for the ‘request to approval’ and ‘approval to disbursement’ hierarchy.

Diverse Client Needs

With a number of RTO items on the list, categorizing client needs was a critical aspect for the firm and its vendors.

Development Timeline

Although the project goals and requirements appear pretty simple, the back end of the solution was complex. It also went through some iterations, stretching it from March 2020 to April 2021.

Solution Delivered

The solution is the implementation of robust software for the Rent-to-Own mechanism. A client can request any Rent-to-Own structure (Carports, Gazebos, Dog Kennels, Play Sets, and others) and an installment period.

Heartland Capital brings the manufacturers, dealers, and clients under one umbrella. The client can request a structure of his own choice through a dealer he wants and a manufacturer he wants to make that structure. It requires them to upload their identification and sign the contracts through electronic signature services. Moreover, the approval process is also electronic, reducing the workflow time with precision and efficiency.

Best Features

There is no need to worry about buying equipment or adding necessary additions to your assets. Just file a request for an RTO using the following features.

Single Platform

Unlike traditional systems, firms and their vendors are now able to use a single platform for specific needs or activities.

Easy 3-Step RTOs

Clients can choose a plan, make monthly payments, claim ownership, or even request an early payoff option.

Timely Approvals

Long gone are the times when tangible document flow took days for signoffs, as the system aids timely approvals.

Live Status

The system enables you to review the status of any request at any given time without much detail or difficulty.

Freedom of Choice

Customers can request a vendor of their choice to work on their projects instead of choosing from a list.

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Unique Software Development is the most favorable choice you make for your business growth. It has the exact expertise and experience that can equip you with a distinct user-centric custom solution. Heartland Capital is another milestone of our journey to serve businesses with value addition, as in the case of this central platform. Customers can easily request gazebos, campers, or even portable buildings with
real-time approvals and rapid signoffs, saving time and money.