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Reliable Freight, Parcel, Logistics, and document solutions
across the world with “Hub-Connect”, developed
by Unique Software Development.

Reliable Freight, Parcel, Logistics, and document solutions across the world with “Hub Connect”, developed by Unique Software Development.


Hub Group connects dispatchers and carriers to transport fortunes via freight, be it LTL, FTL, LCL, or FCL. The legacy Final Mile capability is energized by its Forward Air Final Mile for services to industries like appliances, retail, automotive, etc. It owns many firms that aid in cost-effective and time-efficient supply chain operations with self-, mutual, and partner-owned carriers.

Project Idea and Goal

Although the freight and transportation industry has many players, full-scale solutions were lacking. Additionally, there was a wide gap in managed solutions regarding documentation and consolidation, especially in ecommerce. An end-to-end linking platform was the need of the hour.

In 2017, after going global through acquisitions and expansions, the objective shifted towards a central platform through a web app. Hub-Connect was the missing link, allowing all home and business owners to benefit from the broad range of premium services. Cargo, LTL optimization, FTL shipping, and final mile solutions should all be available to clients through a single web app.

Development Timeline

From concept to implementation, the project spanned from June 2017 to November 2017. During this time, meticulous planning, design, development, testing, and implementation phases were conducted.

Key Challenges

The platform was an all-inclusive unification of discovery, selection, and tracking of logistics and involved numerous integrations. However, there were many challenges in system performance optimization and external integrations.


A parcel could take more than one mode to the destination, so tracking becomes challenging yet essential.

Live Rate

Building a precise quotation system involves big data sets and quick mining capabilities with computation.


Customers can add or schedule new shipments in case of no match, which would execute on-demand.


Lists and samples of shipping documents must be available to assist with consolidation.

Freight Analytics

It must present visual analytics tools to aid customers in their relevant assessments for an edge.

Weather and
Traffic Alerts

Real time data and insights improve the supply chain efficiency while enabling route optimization.

Solution Delivered

Unique Software Development has vast experience and an in-depth understanding of the logistics and transportation industry. Our expert web app developers and designers have the right mix of knowledge, skills, and capabilities for project value addition.

The Hub-Connect project was one of the many shimmering successes where machine learning and insightful data improved the user experience. Delivering your personal or business goods requires just a few clicks, with vigilant tracking and load optimization. Even the arduous documentation becomes simple with samples and services all in one place. It empowers revenue growth with client business development.

Tech Stack

Best Features

With Hub-Connect, you can move your goods and inventory with precise tracking and reliable carriers at your fingertips. The best features are:

Multimodal Network

Get access to a variety of ground, sea, and ocean freight services, as well as carriers, on a central platform for clients and dealers.

Live Precise Quotations

The system makes real time accurate quotations for freight needs using data from transactions and numerous other factors.

Traffic and Weather Alerts

Overlays for weather and traffic insights assist route optimization and cost reduction planning for Vendors as well as clients.

Granular Freight Analytics

A visual illustration of your freight data shows volume, mode, expenses, and aging information for informed decision-making.

Accessible Documents

In case you need a shipment’s paperwork anytime, a library of your documentation is accessible for easy retrieval and backup.


Unique Software Development is serving the logistics and transportation sector for value addition and revenue growth. Our pleasure lies in the creation of intelligent solutions for 24/7 supply chain management, route optimization, and shipment tracking. Hub-Connect facilitates businesses for scalable and agile logistics operations with insightful data and efficient solutions. Customers and suppliers can not only see available options but also schedule new shipments with convenience.