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Net Partner Services offers numerous services like response design, copywriting, programming, and business consultancy. It enables businesses to market their products for a bigger impact via its team of writers, designers, and developers. Besides its core business, the firm envisions a platform for managing bank accounts for transactions, funds, and sweeps, employing Fintech

Project Idea and Goal

Although the clients were happy to consult and benefit from their expertise, there were internal challenges requiring effective resolution. Plaid proved to be a great choice for managing access credentials and other transactional activities, but an internal Fintech solution was inevitable.

The core objective was to develop a central web app for managing different accounts and their transactions. It must also integrate seamlessly with Plaid and other management systems to get better results and automate workflows. The system would comprise payment gateways and cybersecurity features for data protection, where Unique Software Development partners up.

Development Timeline

The project was an in-house web app with no access to outside clients, but the intricate schema was marvelous. The development process began in March 2021 and ended in May 2023.

Key Challenges

Financial transactions and payment gateways face the most cybersecurity threats, demanding the best cybersecurity expertise and data security mechanisms. The project was a demonstration of responsive web app development with cybersecurity best practices.

Integration Risks

The solution was meant to work along with other internal and third-party systems and apps.

In-House Scope

Private apps differ from public apps as they have to comply with internal policies and regulations.


Data security is a top priority in Fintech, as it protects against data theft attacks and breach risks.

Legal Compliance

Regulatory compliance in the Fintech sector is mandatory, so the solution was a complex unification.

Process Automation

Automation and optimization of a financial solution is significantly vital for exceptional service.

Audit Trails

Audit trails are an integral part of such projects, costing space and loading time without compression.

Solution Delivered

The responsive web app development for Fintech was delivered as planned in the blueprint documents. Although it was only meant for in-house use, its impact reaches beyond the firm’s physical boundaries. Its schema makes it easier to process information with task automation and a smooth user experience.

In addition, the pace of handling financial transactions and account management with optimal data security exceeds client expectations. The web app is scalable, goal-driven, and a valuable addition to the digital assets of Net Partner Services.

Tech Stack

Best Features

Fintech software for internal use is a worthwhile technology investment that protects sensitive data and provides a competitive edge. The best features of this solution are:

Swift Data Processing

Enables staff to process chores faster with data validation, integration, and assistive tools to get more done in less time and cost.

Workflow Automation

The web app replaces repetitive tasks with workflow automation techniques to reduce efforts and remuneration expenses.

User-Friendly Dashboard

A central control dashboard portrays relevant information and metrics for impactful performance and live status monitoring.

Scalable Infrastructure

The app infrastructure offers horizontal scalability to facilitate business growth and handle data loads and user upsurges.

Security & Compliance

The valuable data is secure from potential threats with cybersecurity best practices while abiding by legal compliance.


Unique Software Development enabled Net Partner Services for a notable entry into the Fintech arena for its diverse service offerings. The custom web application development project delivers more than client requirements, with added value. Stretching from the UI/UX design and database structure to the features and performance, everything outshines off-the-shelf solutions. The app is a testament to our expertise and proficiency in the
Fintech software development landscape.