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Hassle-free purchase and construction of outdoor structures through RTO mobile app, developed by Unique Software Development.



ShedCard, a leading player in the Rent-to-Own (RTO) industry, caters to diverse outdoor structure needs across the United States. From sheds and gazebos to carports and playsets, ShedCard offers RTO plans with easy monthly payments with a simple mobile app. As one of the prime US contract managers, ShedCard aims to streamline the asset acquisition process for clients with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Project Idea

Project Idea and Goal

The manual processes of accessing agents, filing requests, and obtaining approvals was much hectic, causing significant delays, and impacting timelines. ShedCard envisioned an innovative mobile app idea to address these inefficiencies and offer everything through a user-friendly app.

The primary goal was to generate accessible rent options and facilitate financial transactions in a convenient way via smart devices. Additionally, it wanted to design a responsive and high quality mobile app to offer clients and businesses an amusing experience. The vision was to reinvent RTO without complexities, so that outdoor construction or relevant purchases become hassle-free.


Development Timeline

The ShedCard mobile app underwent a meticulous development process stretching from May 2017 to October 2018. Responsive design and financial integration took most efforts and time.

Pain Points

Key Pain Points

Many inefficiencies and hurdles existed in the traditional RTO approach, demanding a novel tech solution. However, the leading pain points in the manual procedure were as follows

Long Timelines

It took a long time and a list of steps to apply for RTO due to which the applicants were avoiding services.

Vendor Alignment

Customers wanted to source from favorite vendors, which wasn’t possible in the prevalent system.

Arduous Paperwork

Filling, managing, and forwarding paperwork for approvals took time and involved numerous risks.

Digital Transformation

Restructuring the entire business workflows was a significant change so resistance might occur.

Data Security

Client information and business data were vulnerable to theft, arbitration, or even misuse in the physical form.

Dissimilar Structures

There were no categorization or types of outdoor structures, causing many confusions and issues.

Solution Delivered


The only viable solution was the development of a mobile app for the Rent-to-Own mechanism. ShedCard allows clients to request outdoor structures (portable buildings, sheds, lawnmowers, cabin shells, etc.) using the app. Additionally, clients have the freedom to choose a manufacturer or construction firm. The ShedCard mobile app is easy to use, facilitating form fill-ups, request approvals, or track its status. It brings manufacturers, developers, and clients together in a central platform, simplifying procedures for request submission, approvals, and RTO agreements. The app has a separate frontend for approvers, for quick response to signoffs.

Best Features


Self-autonomous asset ownership is the way forward where everyone can access a rent-to-own program. Just sign in, select type, and track request status, all by using a smartphone.

  • Digital Platform

Firms, vendors, and clients have a single platform for their relevant needs or actions.

  • 1, 2, 3, RTO

Create an account, select structure type, request a program. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 Go.

  • Live Approvals

Online signoffs cut document processing time from days to just a few hours, saving time.

  • Live Tracking

Users get real-time status of a request or sign contracts over the app, anytime, online.

  • Fintech Solution

Managing online payments and rent installments reduces to a few taps on the screen.


Unique Software Development’s expertise shines in the Rent-To-Own and Fintech mobile app development sector. The mobile app is a testament to this proficiency, offering clients seamless access to outdoor structures. ShedCard’s innovative vision and Unique Software Development’s proficiency fuse together to serve businesses and customers get results. Whether it’s tractors, campers, or playhouses, the app ensures swift approvals and accessible services, round the clock.