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A comprehensive solution by Unique Software Development for automotive dealerships and clients with an edge in converting BDC leads into sales.
  • ASP .NET Core 3.1
  • SQL Server
  • Redux
  • Azure Data Factories
  • Azure Alerts
  • React JS
  • CosmosDB
  • Azure functions
  • ASP .NET Core 3.1
  • SQL Server
  • Redux
  • Azure functions
  • Azure Data Factories
  • Azure Alerts
  • React JS
  • CosmosDB


Traver Connect, a unification of the telecom, automotive maintenance, and CRM platform, is a noteworthy solution. It not only assists customers with vehicle maintenance appointments but also connects them with suitable vendors. In addition, it optimizes the lead conversion strategies of dealerships via a
Business Development Center (BDC) with user training and
software support.

Project Idea and Goal

A gap in the automobile maintenance industry among the clients and dealerships demands an effective solution as a connecting bridge. Vehicle owners were seeking reliable services at affordable rates while dealerships were searching for leads, setting forth a revolutionary idea.

Mr. Traver had a clear goal in mind: a telecom application providing a platform for different vehicle-related customer services. The solution must be capable of handling inbound and outbound calls and setting appointments for clients with dealerships. It must also have provisions to onboard dealerships that offer such services and offer them a platform to grow their business.

Development Timeline

The project was a complex unification of Telecom, Automotive, and CRM solutions, including analytics and scheduling metrics. It started in April 2021 and ended in January 2023.

Key Challenges

Working on the Traver Connect application wasn’t an easy feat, taking more research and insights at each phase. There were numerous challenges in attaining the desirable results, which our team smartly transformed into opportunities.

Isolated Systems:

Dealerships were running all types of custom and off-the-shelf solutions that were available in complete isolation.

Dispersed Clientele:

The geographic location of clients around the US posed a challenge in terms of routing calls and different time zones.

Process Automation:

Repetitive workflows at dealerships and the Business Development Center led agents to fill out forms repeatedly.

Manual Workflows:

Manual data management practices on paper stationery were causing delays and risks of data breach or loss.

Real Time Analytics:

Providing a real time analytics engine to call center agents/dealers required superfast processing speeds.

Complex Integrations:

Integrations with external data points and legacy systems were difficult, utilizing the best expertise to write APIs.

Solution Delivered

Unique Software Development excels at solving complex problems by transforming challenges into opportunities. The highly skilled professionals in our design, engineering, and development team used cutting-edge technologies to deliver value with functionality. The final solution was the best Telecom CRM solution, using cloud services to link the call center with the business development center. Automotive maintenance transforms from a meticulous weekend hassle to convenient telephone calls, offering enticing experiences. All stakeholders, from dealerships and the Business Development Center to individual and corporate clients, are free from manual work.

Best Features

Getting your vehicle inspected or fixed is reduced to making a call and getting an appointment from the most convenient dealership.

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Appointment Creation

Hassle-free appointments for clients, regardless of their location in the US, with the most reliable dealerships, on a single call.

Inbound/outbound calls

There is no need for follow-up calls and long waiting times, as our agents can reach you in lead time once a dealer responds.

Core Dealership Services

Avail of other essential services from dealerships to upkeep your vehicles in the best condition with core dealership services.

24/7 Accessible Call Center

Round-the-clock available call center agents, with all the right tools and training, will assist you in the most convenient ways.

Flexible Pricing Packages

Instead of rigid pricing for diverse maintenance tasks, get charged for only what you avail with flexible pricing packages.


Unique Software Development fulfills its promise to add value to custom solutions, delivering beyond requirements. It takes pride in developing a comprehensive platform for clients, business development center, and dealerships to assist their essentials. With a 24/7 accessible call center for appointment creation, customers can avail of many services at flexible pricing. Automotive maintenance has a new perspective, with an edge in lead conversions, thanks to Traver Connect.